Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out Wearing A Mask And How To Solve It

Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out Wearing A Mask And How To Solve It

Why Your Skin Is Breaking Out Wearing A Mask And How To Solve It

I heard from a lot of people recently, that they have the worst breakouts ever due to wearing masks all the time. Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, which will probably stay with us for a bit longer, not wearing a mask is not an option anymore. However, there are a few things you can do to stop your skin from breaking out. In Asian countries like China, people have been wearing masks for quite a while because of the poor air quality and they do not have worse skin in general. So let´s have a look at what can cause your skin to to break out and how to avoid it. 

No fresh air reaches your skin
Are you literally wearing/have to wear your mask all the time? Here in Germany we are at least allowed to not wear it when taking a walk outside, for example. If that is the case for your country too, take advantage of it. Take off your mask as often as you can and get some fresh air on your skin (only if it is safe for you and others to do so, of course). Can you take a walk in nature without your mask? If not, at least get some fresh air in your apartment and let your skin breath. 

Your mask is the problem
And I do not mean wearing it. What kind of mask do you use? If you are using disposable masks, are you switching them often enough? They can be treated with chemicals and maybe that is causing your skin to break out. Try switching to another brand without chemicals. Are you using a cloth mask? Do you wash it often enough with the right temperature to kill germs? Dirt, death skin cells, makeup and skin care product leftovers can accumulate inside and cause breakouts. 

What kind of detergent are you using to wash your clothes? Maybe the one you´ve been using for years is fine on your body, but not so much in your face. There are sensitive and hypo-allergenic options available. Another option could be to switch to a silk mask (if cloth masks are an option for you). Silk is a natural, breathable fabric and really soft and smooth on the skin. 

Touching your face and mask
Are you also constantly rearranging your mask because it never seems to stay in place? Yes, same. Invest in a good quality mask that will stay where it is supposed to be and avoid touching your face all the time. Also pulling it down from time to time onto your chin/neck is not really great. If you are using body lotion and/or perfume on your neck it will attach to the masks inside and you will then pull it back up. The sensitive skin on your face might not like getting in touch with these extra ingredients of your products. 

Often I see people just putting their masks on tables in restaurants which I would strongly advise against. Not only is it hygienically questionable to put your germs on the table, but also the other way round. You do not want whatever is/was on the table on your face! 

Toxic skin care products
Check your ingredients! You should definitely ditch mineral oils, parabens and preservatives altogehter. There are so many beautiful organic skin care products on the market right now and I´m sure, there will be one for you. They are available in your drugstore next door or as high end cosmetics. I´ve been using natural products for decades now and my skin is doing great. 

I can absolutely recommend having a look into our Asian friends, as Korean skincare is booming at the moment and I´m the biggest fan. My absolute favorit brand is Benton skincare, now with their own webshop in Germany: https://benton-germany.de

No ad here, I´m just absolutely in love with their products and they helped me and my friends with our skin problems. Benton´s snail bee line is amazing for solving all kinds of irritations. 

Stress and anxiety can cause rashes and breakouts
Everything that is going on around us can also take a toll on our skin. Stress, worry and anxiety can show in physical symptoms like rashes and breakouts. Maybe you´re doing „everything right“ and still suffer from acne and pimples. Go inside for a moment and check with yourself: Am I overwhelmed with the current situation? Am I afraid of the future? That me or my loved ones could fall sick? Am I worried about my job? Am I sad that I can´t leave the house, meet my friends or go on holidays as planned? 

If you´re not saying yes to at least one of these questions, wow, you really got it all together! The rest of us, maybe not so much. If stress, worry and anxiety is the root cause of your skin problems you have to fight it here because even the best face serum won´t get you anywhere. You need to calm your mind first. Have you tried yoga, breathwork or meditation? Check out here how breathwork can help you achieve mental balance.

Nutrition for healthy skin
Corona makes us fat. I have definitely gained some weight and not from avocados and nuts. Ask yourself: Could your breakouts come from your food choices? Have you indulged in too much sugar, processed foods, wheat and dairy? I´m not saying that wheat and dairy are bad in general, but they can be the reason for skin problems and are proven to cause hormonal acne breakouts. Cut the calories and go for these healthy foods instead to improve your skin: 

  • Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E. These are all essentials for healthy and glowing skin. Omega 3 algae oil and hemp seeds are great vegan options. 
  • Red and yellow bell peppers. They contain huge amounts of vitamin C which stimulates collagen production in your skin cells. 
  • Sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli contain vitamin a which is a skin nourisher and gives you a healthy golden glow. 
  • Dark chocolate, which has all the amazing antioxidants to protect your cells from free radicals. 
  • And of course lot´s of fresh, organic fruits and veggies in all colors, shapes and sizes. 

    Have you tried anything of the above yet, or do you have additional advice? Please share in the comments below.
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