Chakra Healing: The Root Chakra

Chakra Healing: The Root Chakra

Chakra Healing: The Root Chakra

Chakras are energy centers in the body and you have probably heard of them before, maybe in a yoga class. They are not really tangible, but are represented as whirling energy wheels in specific places in the energetic body. Each chakra is linked to a color, a psychological meaning, one or more organs, and so much more. Your energy should be flowing freely in your body, but it can happen that one or more of your chakras are blocked and need healing.


The root chakra and basic needs

The Sanskrit name of the root chakra is Muladhara chakra. It is located in the pelvic region on the lower tip of your spine. It glows in a bright red color and is responsible for everything we need to survive, e. g our basic needs: health, financial stability, vitality, family and home, generosity and abundance. The element is earth and therefore Muladhara chakra keeps us grounded. The organs associated with the root chakra are the excretory system and the immune system.

Imbalances in the root chakra

Imbalances in the root chakra can express as problems with excretion, weak immune system, selfishness, financial problems or fear of those. A lack of vitality is also associated with energy imbalances in the Muladhara chakra.

Balancing the root chakra

To keep your root chakra in balance, there are several things you can do. As mentioned before, Muladhara is our grounding chakra and the element is earth. Get in touch with nature, spend time outside and walk barefoot if possible. Wear the color red and eat red fruits and vegetables. Especially root vegetables like beets, carrots and potatoes are beneficial. Everything that grows below the ground is amazing for Muladhara chakra.

Crystals and essential oils for the root chakra healing

Stimulate your root chakra with essential oils like cedar wood. Diffuse a few drops in your room while meditating and grounding. There are several crystals and gemstones you can use on the Muladhara chakra to balance energy flows. My favorites are hematite, also known as bloodstone, and tiger´s-eye. You could also use other red stones like jasper, for example.

Clearing blockages in the root chakra with Reiki

Energy healing like Reiki is a powerful tool to maintain balanced chakras or clearing blockages and stuck energies. A well-trained Reiki practitioner can feel energy imbalances and treat them accordingly. Read more about Reiki here and here if you´re looking for further information.

Yoga for the root chakra

In my yoga teacher training our school put great emphasize on asanas for the chakras. When I put together yoga classes for my students, I always pay attention to attending all of the chakras in one class. There are several asanas which stimulate the root chakra: all standing poses in general like the warrior poses (Virabhadrasana l-lll). Especially garudasana (eagle pose), gomukhasana (cow face pose) and tree pose.

If you´re interested in booking a session with me to balance your chakras, get in touch here or schedule a free discovery call to learn more.

In the next chakra healing/balancing series I will write about the sacral chakra. It is also called Swadhistana chakra and is the center of inspiration, creativity and the reproductive organs. Don´t miss out and subscribe to my newsletter to get the full chakra series worksheet and a small surprise straight to your inbox.

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