New Year Detox

New Year Detox

New Year Detox

New year – new detox! Here we go again. One year has passed and a few days back we were indulging in all that delicious Christmas and New Year´s Eve food. And oh my god was it amazing, but now we feel not so great. A new year is always a good time to start fresh with a detox. This can be mentally or physically, or both. Your body will thank you later.

Many people start the new year with some kind of detox or fast. Some go all vegan, others avoid drinking alcohol or do a digital detox. Key is, to find what suits YOU best and what your body and mind need most.

I decided to do at “soft” new year detox first thing this year. After being at my mum´s place for two weeks eating all that southern German heavy food, I need something fresh and nutrient dense now. As I´m still struggling with adrenal fatigue, I do not want to put too much strain on my body by going all vegan or doing an alkaline fast like I used to do for the last years.

Detox no-go: meat, dairy and soy

I will definitely avoid eating any meat at all and eat lots of plant based protein instead. I´m also not a big fan of soy so not going to eat that as well. For dairy I think it always depend if you can tolerate it. I´m not eating cow dairy products anyway, but I will from time to time eat a tiny bit of goat and sheep dairy products here and there. But only fermented like feta cheese or yoghurt. Fermented foods are easier to digest and have a lot of good bacteria for your gut so absolutely detox approved.

Detox no-go: sugar, wheat/gluten and processed foods

There´s no detox where sugar, wheat and processed foods are allowed, is there? If so, what kind of detox would that be… So yes, absolutely going to stay away from the sweets, chocolate, cookies, cakes and other processed foods. Only fresh and healthy homemade meals for the next few weeks. Would not mind loosing that extra two Christmas pounds while at it. 😉

Yes to vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds

So after ruling out what we won´t be eating for the next few weeks, we should clarify what we will be eating during the detox. Of course, there will be plenty of (low sugar) fruits, fresh vegetables – raw and cooked with plant protein from chickpeas, lentils and beans. Furthermore, healthy fats like avocado, nuts and nut butters, chia and hemp seeds.

Yes to dark greens and bitters

While detoxing your body is working hard on getting rid of all the waste that accumulated in your cells over time. To aid your liver doing its amazing job, you can substitute a few things: Chlorella algae is one of the best detoxifiers known. It binds heavy metals and other waste and helps you get rid of it. Furthermore, dark leafy greens (kale, lamb´s lettuce) are rich in chlorophyll and great for blood purification. Bitter veggies like chicory and endive salad are giving your liver a kick-start and aid with digestion.

Yes to detoxing the mind

Apart from the food we eat, it is also important to detox the mind and not only the body. Think about doing some breathwork, yoga and light exercise. Get some fresh air every day by walking in nature and wind down with a hot detox bath in the evening with Epsom salt. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil in a diffuser or oil lamp and relax with a good book. The first few days of a detox can be exhausting. Your body is getting rid of all the waste which can result in headaches and fatigue.

If you need some help with the right nutrition for your constitution, get in touch with me here and let me know how I can help you. For more info, recipes and support make sure to follow me on Instagram (@energy.body.mind).

Happy detoxing! 🙂

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