Corporate Wellness


What is corporate wellness?

Corporate Wellness or workplace wellness is every activity a company offers to their employees to improve mental and physical health and well-being. It often includes activities like health education in the form of workshops, medical screenings and physical activity programs like corporate yoga. Furthermore, it could be individual health consultations, coachings and corporate breathwork for mental wellbeing and stress management. 

What are the benefits of corporate wellness?

Companies offer corporate wellness to their employees knowing that mental and physical well-being was never more important than today. A healthy and balanced employee will be more productive and save the company money on the long run. Especially in fast-paced and high-workload jobs it is a great tool to prevent burnout and other health issues. 

Why should you work with me?

I was working for the world´s biggest advertising festival for six years and ten years in the advertising industry. Therefore, I know the challenges your employees are facing and the health issues that you want to prevent. I gained extensive knowledge in the health and wellness industry and worked with many corporate clients. My personal and professional experience enables me to respond to the needs of my clients adequately. 

What I offer

I develop unique and holistic corporate wellness packages for you and your company. You can book me as a speaker for topics such as stress management and work-life balance or book a workshop with me on these topics. I offer corporate breathwork and yoga for groups and also individual health consultations. Reach out and let´s discuss your needs and wishes for a individual offer. 

Workshop “The power of breath”

“The power of breath” is my signature corporate breathwork workshop. We will start with a one hour talk about the benefits of breathwork and its healing properties to regulate the nervous system and prevent stress and burnout. Afterwards we will do a 60 minute breathing session followed by a 30 minute breathwork meditation. You will get a digital script for your employees. Book here or send a email to

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