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Hello there,

my name is Katharina and I´m a yoga teacher specializing in pranayama, breathwork coach, reiki master, naturopathy student and nutritionist. After previously pursuing a career in advertising I decided to get serious with my passion and focus on building my conscious business. I offer holistic health coachings, breathwork, and (distant) reiki sessions. I´m 34 years old and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. 

I strongly believe, that each and every one has the ability to heal oneself. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and a nudge in the right direction, that´s what I am here for. I will supply you with the tools, to heal yourself. 

I also believe, to fully heal any ailments and especially chronic diseases, we need to heal on all three levels: the body, the mind and the energetic level. A lot of chronic diseases are stress related so they start in the mind, manifest in the body and also affect the energy field and vice versa. All three need to be in balance for us to lead a happy and healthy life. How do I know this? Because I´ve been there and tried so many things and now I want to help you help yourself. 

Sound like this is for you? Reach out and contact me! 🙂


  • Reiki Master
    – Ageh Popat
  • Nutrition studies
    – Isolde Richter Schule
  • Qualification endocrinology
    – Silke Uhlendahl, HP
  • Qualification gynecology and women’s health
    – Silke Uhlendahl, HP
  • Qualification homeopathy
    – Manfred Nistl, HP
  • Reiki level ll
    – Ageh Popat
  • Qualification breathwork therapy
    – Sonja Schmitz-Harwardt, HP
  • Yoga teacher training, pranayama & ayurveda
    – House of Om Bali
  • Qualification phytotherapy
    – Stephanie Meurer, HP
  • Reiki level l
    – Ageh Popat
  • Naturopathy studies
    – Hamburger Institut für Heilpraktik
  • Career in advertising/marketing & brand management
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