4 Step Action Plan For Changing Old Habits

4 Step Action Plan For Changing Old Habits

4 Step Action Plan For Changing Old Habits

Soon you will be reading everywhere about new years resolutions and changing old habits. And like every year, you will maybe make a huge list with a bunch of things you want to change. Starting in January. But you won´t – like every year. Sorry to paint such a bad picture, but haven´t we all been there? Every year, shortly before new years eve we reminisce about what could have been better this year and what we would like to change the coming year. You will read sentences like „new year – new me“ and „365 new days = 365 new chances“. Well, there´s nothing wrong with that, but let´s be honest: Did it work out this year? Or last year? 

Well changing old habits is not that easy, everybody knows that. When it comes to making healthier choices or changing bad habits because they are making you sick, you should ask yourself one question: Am I willing to give up the things that make me sick?

There are so many things which are not good for our health. That stressful job, an unfulfilling relationship and bad eating habits to name a few. And here we are, feeling sick and tired. As everybody is different, we deal with all kinds of ailments depending on our constitution. Some people deal with urinary tract infections, others with gastrointestinal or recurring respiratory diseases. 

And then we are at the doctor´s office again. Putting the responsibility for our health into the hands of somebody else. We go home, take the pills, rest for a few days and get back on with our lives. And a few weeks or months later we will be in the same place. Why? Because we did not go to the root cause of the problem. Nowadays, this is often (long term) stress and bad eating habits. 

So how can you take matters into your own hands and take action for your health? Ask yourself again: Am I willing to give up the things that make me sick? If the answer is no, then there won´t be any change. If the answer is yes, then YOU need to change. You cannot expect your health to get better if you don´t make adjustments. Unlearning and changing old habits and introducing new ones is never easy. 

1. Focus on one or two habits you want to change

To succeed it is super important that you really want it to happen. You should focus on one or two points on your list and not on ten. If you put too much on your plate like doing sports, eating healthy, going to bed earlier, learn another language, etc. it will be simply too much and you will get overwhelmed easily. 

2. Set clear goals

For your plan to happen, it is very important to set a clear goal. „I want to eat healthier next year“ is a great resolution. But what does it mean „to eat healthier“? A clear goal would be to say that you would like to eat at least one fruit for breakfast and a small salad with your lunch. Another example would be to say „I only eat meat once a week“. 

3. Take action

Now that you picked one or two goals from your list and wrote down a measurable goal, it is time to take action. You are responsible for your well being. Not your doctor, not your spouse or whomever. Only you. Now go and put your plan into action! 

4. Do not get discouraged by setbacks

Consistency is key. It is so important to not ditch the whole plan when you struggle with sticking to your new routine. There will be days when you can´t go to the gym or when you´re on a business trip where it is super hard to eat healthy. Just continue the next day with your routine and do not beat yourself up. 

Building a new routine and unlearning old habits is always hard. I would like to recommend a book about that topic, maybe it will help you: Essential Zen Habits by Leo Babauta.

If you feel like I could help you with getting your health to the next level, please reach out and schedule a quick discovery call (free, of course) with me. I would be happy to talking with you! 🙂

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